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What Is Hair Porosity?

Low Porosity Hair is when your hair finds it hard to keep in moisture and your hair cuticles are very tight -

Few tips to keep your low porosity hair maintained:

  1. Pre shampoo your hair to soak in hair moisture

  2. Wash your hair regularly to prevent build up of products and to give your hair time to seal in moisture.

  3. Try to use products that are predominantly oil based rather than water based

  4. Always deep condition your hair for at least 1/2 hour but you can condition it for as long as you like

  5. Satin products will be your partner for life! Accessories such as; silk bonnets, silk pillowcases are a necessity

Medium Porosity Hair has a looser cuticle layer compared to low porosity hair as it's easier for moisture to lock into your hair.

How to care and love medium porosity hair:

  1. Deep condition occasionally but avoid protein in your daily regime

  2. Heavier oils can help to moisturise your cuticles deeper

  3. Avoid heat treatments and colouring your hair as this can change your hair to a higher porosity

  4. Try to maintain a balance between moisturisers, creams and hair strengtheners for healthier curls

High Porosity Hair absorbs water which allows moisture to quickly pass in and out. This can lead to tangling, frizzier hair and is prone to look dry and damaged especially in dry weather.

  1. Leave-in conditioners will provide your hair the moisture it needs, however a sealer oil such as Avocado oil is best to help retain moisture

  2. Use products that are anti-humectants ie. beeswax, coconut oil, castor oil, raw shea butter. This helps to repel moisture from your hair which prevents frizziness

  3. It's best to layer your products for guaranteed hydration use leave-in conditioners, moisturises and sealers

  4. The heavier the product the better so hair butters and oils are the best products for you

  5. Avoid sulphates, parabéns, sodium Laurete sulphates and silicones

No matter what your hair porosity is make sure you research and decide what products are best for you and always show your hair the best love and attention possible.

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