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  • Is your Shea Butter hair cream water based?
    Our whipped shea butter hair cream is not water based the aloe vera gives your hair the hydration that it needs. It consists of natural ingredients such as; shea butter, refined coconut, aloe vera gel and a range of scented essential oils. We also use MSM.
  • Why is there no international shipping?
    At this present moment we are only shipping to areas within the UK, but once we distribute a wider range of products we will be shipping internationally.
  • I'm allergic to one of the products that you have included is it possible to substitiue it for another scent?
    If you're allergic to any of our ingredients but still want to purchase our products drop us an email or a message in the chat box and we will discuss how we can help. There is a possibilty that we can substitute it for another essential oil or ingredient. We understand that some people may have allergies and we want to make sure that our products are safe and available to everyone.
  • Are your products suitable for relaxed hair?
    Simple answer is yes! SisRoot is suitable for all hair types whether relaxed hair or transitioning to natural hair you can use our products either way
  • Can I use your Ultra Hydration hair cream for my children?
    As our hair cream is infused with essential oils we recommend using our product on children 3 years and over
  • What is the texture consistency like?
    It is a light creamy texture
  • Are your products suitable for retwisting locks?
    Most definitely our products are oil based therefore it is a light texture and does not leave any residue
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