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A history of freshness

SisRoot began its journey from a decision to transition from chemically straight hair back to its natural state. I was late to the party, only relaxing my hair at the age of 17. At 33 I took a break from chemical relaxers and body lotions while pregnant and took to making my own hair and body creams as I wanted to be sure my  body was absorbing natural healthy oils. To my delight my hair and skin issues disappeared and my skin appeared healthier and my hair returned to its thick healthy appearance.

Shea butter and Jamaican castor oil blended was my first regular home made product which worked great for my hair and skin. 

Reaching my 40’s meant I had to revise my hair regime and products, as my hair texture began to change and the salt and pepper look set in with vengeance. I spent some time experimenting with various natural oils and butters and came up with a formulation that worked well for me. I was approached by many friends, family and strangers asking what I put in my hair to make it look so healthy and grow so quickly. 


I was encouraged to provide it to others to help with their hair journey, which led to my first product Ultra Hydration hair cream being born.  It worked so well with relaxed hair, locs and natural hair under protected styles. I continued to create a wider range of products suitable for a natural life style.

SisRoot is committed to keeping you naturally rooted and beautiful.

Naturally Simple

Our range of products are suitable for ages 3+ and all skin types. We're an all inclusive company who focuses on making the creamiest whipped shea butter cream we can. In every jar, that is created we put in 110% effort into our products to make sure we are providing the best we can for our sisrooted family. Thank you for your support so far as we continue to create a wider range of products.


Stay Rooted!

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