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SISROOT 'Ultra Hydration' Hair Cream

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Purchasing hair cream especially for curly/kinky hair can make you double guess yourself on whether or not that product will work for you. However, majority of us can agree that shea butter works its magic in so many different ways such as bringing back those coils.

Our 'Ultra Hydration' hair cream is a beautiful blend of lightly whipped shea butter infused with nourishing essential oils. Perfectly formulated to revitalise and revive your tresses, suitable for use with all hair textures and hair porosities. Performs best with your protective styles during transitioning from processed to unprocessed hair.

Our formulation maximises your hair protection to reduce the drying of your scalp and natural breakage. There is no need to use heated appliances as our hair cream can be applied to wet or dry hair or daily styling leaving your hair feeling soft and light.

Here is how our 'Ultra Hydration' hair cream works on different hair textures and hair types:

Locs & Twists

Ultra Hydration hair cream is the perfect product for re-twisting locs without the need for using any heated appliances to melt away that notorious shea butter build up.

Greying Hair textures

Provides enough moisture to hold down and hydrate those unruly trends.

Protective style & Wig wearers

Ultra Hydration hair cream is great for providing moisture to your hair and scalp while you rest it from the barage of daily styling. You can be happy in the thought your hair is basking in moisture and hydration while your looking fierce with that new hair piece.

Common hair problems

Keeps your scalp moisturised and keeps those flakes at bay


Head over to our products to read reviews from our customers and get an insight into the carefully selected ingredients in our special and best selling product.

'Ultra Hydration' it says everything you need to know in the name.

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Exordium labs
Exordium labs
Jul 26, 2022

Thanks for your info and this info helps a lot to make a better product for skin & hair. Visit us for more information -

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