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Our SisRoot whipped shea butter is made with 100% pure shea butter infused with essential oils. All our products are free from preservatives and vegan friendly as we only use natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on being water base free so your skin and hair are guaranteed to lock in moisture.

We want you to look and feel beautiful!

 All of our products comply with the cosmetic product rules and regulations and have been subject to cosmetic product safety testing. 


  • We recommend that you leave your SisRoot products away from direct sunlight and keep them at room temperature to maintain texture and durability.

  • Do not store below or above room temperature.

  • Our Whipped Shea Butter contains no preservatives or water, therefore we strongly recommend you have clean hands or a spatula when applying our product. 

  • SisRoot is suitable for all skin types and ages

  • Make sure to apply generously and massage well into the skin or hair.

  • For best results use immediately after washing your hair or after a bath or shower. As your skin and hair will be moist the shea butter will lock in moisture more easily.

  • Shea butter has a long list of benefits for the hair and skin and it can help to; soothe dry scalp, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve hair breakage, heals burns, restores skin elasticity, fades dark marks and scars and treats eczema and psoriasis

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